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I’ve just added over 50 news signs, that takes our tally past the 200 mark.


Email Changes

I just realised that the emails that are automatically generated didn’t actually tell you which sign had been accepted or declined. I’ve just fixed that so now you’ll know which of your signs has just gone live.

Site Work

Today has been a busy day for Our Fading Past. I have completely redone the back end, moving the site from a desktop database that I had created to keep track of signs pre-website to MS SQL server. This will help provide a more stable base as we expand the site.

I also added a new feature on the home page to keep track of our top contributors, Andrew is way out in front so the challenge is on to see if anyone can dethrone him.

There’s plenty more to come, I think the next step will be member pages for each of our contributors, if you have a suggestion or think something else would be better please leave a comment.